Monday, November 29, 2010

Just an update on the Frangipani we moved a couple of months ago. Knowing that they are an extremely tough breed didn't make us any more confident that it would survive.
But the good news is that it's doing quite well, apart from 1 branch that has died off.

This is it, in its original position in our backyard :

In its new position under our front balcony :

Today :

We are extremely happy with its progress ! We are so looking forward to having it as lush as in the first pic.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


This area could not be turned into a garden. To do that we would have had to dig up quite a bit of builder's rubbish, clay or whatever is underneath and I was just not prepared to do anymore digging! So rather than create a gardenbed, we decided to throw down pebbles instead.

The additional problem was then to find colourful pots which didn't cost a bomb. Five months later, I had to forego the colourful pots I wanted because they were just too expensive. The compromise was cheap pots in a bland colour. What a disappointment that was. I had visions of olive green pots but could not find them anywhere.

So here they are. They're not too bad, I guess. Atleast that spot is done. Now if I could just get S to get rid of those bricks & finish off that end of the bed.*rolls eyes*

The before shot :

The after shot :

Oh and the reason the yuccas are growing at an angle is that I forgot to keep turning them while they were sitting on my alfresco waiting for their pots. Hence, they grew at an angle. Silly me!