Saturday, November 6, 2010


This area could not be turned into a garden. To do that we would have had to dig up quite a bit of builder's rubbish, clay or whatever is underneath and I was just not prepared to do anymore digging! So rather than create a gardenbed, we decided to throw down pebbles instead.

The additional problem was then to find colourful pots which didn't cost a bomb. Five months later, I had to forego the colourful pots I wanted because they were just too expensive. The compromise was cheap pots in a bland colour. What a disappointment that was. I had visions of olive green pots but could not find them anywhere.

So here they are. They're not too bad, I guess. Atleast that spot is done. Now if I could just get S to get rid of those bricks & finish off that end of the bed.*rolls eyes*

The before shot :

The after shot :

Oh and the reason the yuccas are growing at an angle is that I forgot to keep turning them while they were sitting on my alfresco waiting for their pots. Hence, they grew at an angle. Silly me!


  1. Southies, have I taught you nothing? PAINT is the answer. Ordinary old house paint.... I've transformed five pots and the letterbox so far.

    I think they look fine - the light pots are a nice contrast to the dark bricks. But if you're really disappointed, just run down to Bunnings, grab a 1L can of exterior paint in your favourite colour (gloss or matte, your choice), and get painting.

  2. Hi, its Mel from VI, send me an e-mail to and I will pass along tons of info for Maui!! We spend a month there every year, I know you will love it! I will also send some pics your way too! xo