Monday, March 21, 2011

Latest on Murrayas

Sorry to those who are following our blog! But as the inside of the house is done, there isn't anything new to post.

Any further updates will be on the garden. And to further disappoint you , as we are doing this ourselves, the progress will be painfully slow. The plantings will be pretty much - 'see how they go'.

The Shire area is quite different to where we lived originally - the inner west. Some of the plants I used in my garden up there and which I have also planted here, seem to be struggling.

I guess if I were using natives, I wouldn't have so many problems........but in all honesty, I'm NOT a fan of natives. I'll persist though, for a couple more years. After that time, if my plantings don't 'take'............then I'll resort to natives.

I am extremely happy with our murrayas. Thank goodness they're flourishing - tough buggers. Based on this summer's growth, they might just get to 1/2 way up the fence by this time next year ! Blissful privacy is not far off !

Murrayas in January this year :

Murrayas today :