Sunday, September 11, 2011

Update on Backyard Plants

It's been a lonnnnng time between posts. The only evident changes have been in the growth of the plants. Atleast I haven't killed them!

I am ecstatic that my hellebores have flourished on our south wall. Those that had been planted on the west side were too exposed to the heat, so I added them to the southern plot.

A reminder - 1 year ago :

Today :

My main concern is that they are lacking shade. Hellebores grow in forests beneath dappled shade. As you can see, there is no shade. The overhead eaves won't provide the protection needed from our summer sun. I have planted a murraya in the bottom corner (out of pic shot) to provide some protection from the sun's early morning rays. It will be quite a while before it grows out enough to do the job, so I might put up some shade cloth in the interim.

The camellia Happy Holidays which is in the same plot, doesn't seem to like the position.

It hasn't grown much in a year. It is constantly affected by mites & something else that is eating the leaves. The mites I can control with a regular spray of water, but the little hungry critter that seems to be invisible........I WILL get him!

The potted yukkas (?) have thrived! I am a little surprised but definitely relieved. The only worry is that they will outgrow the pots! LOL.

A year ago :

Today - not bad :

Lastly, I am having serious trouble as to what to do with our gardenbed on our side fence.
We have been here 2 years now and I can't get my head around what to plant here.

I have 2 gorgeous frangipanis which came from 1 original tree on the block and I have recently added a Gordonia (fried egg plant) which WILL look like this :

Flower :

So I HAVE started planting but as to what else to plant to fill in the huge gaps, well.....................

If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to throw them my way !